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Pest Control & Fumigation Services

Eco Fumigation

Priority Pest control & Fumigation services in Pretoria at affordable price.

Ants Control

Remove irritating ants from your house save from unwanted holes.

Cockroach Control

Most effective fumigation process to remove all hidden cockroaches.

Rats Control

Effect Pest Control to remove all Rats form your property.

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Pest Control is Important for Healthy Living

Pest Control in Pretoria

We at Eco-Fumigation ensures complete and easy solution for all your pest control requirement in Pretoria. We have an excellent team with years of experience and latest gadgets to make this pest eradication process efficient and long lasting. We know the nature of almost all type of pest and understand on what grounds these pests grow. So, we not only remove pests but also remove causes of their existence in your property. 

The best way to prevent pest is to have proper drains and remove spaces where they can live.

Why Pest Control 


Pest control is important because of number of factors but most common of them is as stated below.

Keeps Air Healthy

Presence of pest makes air foul and bad for breathing. To have fresh air you should avoid pests

Personal Hygiene

For personal hygiene also pest control is important to keep you safe and illness free.

Contaminated objects

Presence of pest contaminate objects easily and causes numerous diseases.

Why regular

Pest Control & Fumigation

We would like to explain that why you should take regular pest control and fumigation once a month atleast from Pest Experts.

Proper Gears

Our staff comes with proper safety gears to ensure that you and your family remain safe from exposure to eradication process.

Personal Hygiene

We assist you how to maintain personal hygiene so that there is no survival of pests.

Causes of Illness

Most of the time cause of your illness is due to the presence of pests in your premises. So we assist you to control that.

Free Quote

You can always get a free quote online as per your property requirement.

Do not touch your face

After complete pest-control or fumigation process, avoid touching your face as it might exposed to chemicals used in the process.

Clean your hands

We recommend clean your hands after complete pest-control and fumigation process.

Usage of harmful disinfectants

We avoid using harmful disinfectant instead we use organic agents for healthy living.

Team of Experts

We come in a team of experts who are experienced in eradication of different type of pests.

Our Services Include

Spider Removal


Cockroach Removal


Mole Removal


Mosquito Removal


Bed Bugs Removal


Rats Removal


Termite Removal


Fire Ants Removal

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